Motivation through Imagination

        I hear people complain all the time that they want more, deserve better, have no opportunities, hate their jobs, want a better body . . . I could ramble forever.   Some of those people may even be you right now! The simplest motivation tip I can give is use your imagination.  This may sound silly but this is the greatest vision of yourself that you will ever invent. The vision doesn’t have to be grand but worth your while. All past and contemporary “great men” were able to imagine a world that they could create and realize for themselves. It is easy to give yourself excuses why not to do something, but the component for motivation is always there. After all, without imagination there would be no excitement in a structured world.

Photo courtesy of Jack Teagle from Flickr

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John Machado

John Machado

John Machado is a co-founder/editor in chief of Bodyforward. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Stony Brook, ACSM certified with 15 years of experience with fitness and nutrition, and he aims to achieve his Master's degree in Nutrition.

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