Comparing Genetics In BodyBuilding

Let us talk about those good old Genetics. Yes, the same genetics that cause you to have your father’s eyes or mother’s ears.  Believe it or not these genetics play an interesting role in fitness.  To demonstrate the role genetics play in fitness let’s take a look at two brothers, Bill and Phil.  Bill is a nerdy, scrawny ectomorph while Phil is the older, bigger and swole(buff) brother. When Bill observes his brother’s physique, he may believe that he could build huge 18 inch biceps and a huge brolic chest, but in reality he may never reach the level of physicality like Phil due to his specific genes.  Due to this discrepancy between Bill and Phil, it would only be natural that Phil would feel physically superior to his younger brother.  Phil’s mentality in this case can be the equivalent of a person asking you to grow in height, which is impossible because genetics determines how tall you will become. It is obvious that society cannot expect people to be a certain height, so why must there be expectations when it comes to fitness and body image?  I believe the reason why these expectations exist are due to the genetically “blessed”, who give fitness advice that does not/cannot possibly work for everyone else.  “These people” do not realize this, because they’ve never had to struggle to achieve a particular level of physicality as compared to others.

Now, I also do not want to rule out the possibility of drugs within the fitness world.  Some individuals take performance-enhancing drugs and then write themselves off as natural body builders.  This really sucks because it is so difficult to PROVE someone is using drugs unless you are right outside their window, snapping pictures while the needle is in their butt. LoL.  Seriously though, both genetics and drugs play a big part in mucking the truth of what the human body is capable of for the Average Joe.

So now the question becomes, how do you know what you can achieve for yourself?  My answer simply is YOU DON’T.  Not until you make that journey.  You can’t just look at the path; you must get on that road and complete the journey to find out where it takes you.   Unless you are planning on competing in bodybuilding shows or something like that, the competition is YOURSELF.  Take pictures of yourself every month to see your changes, record your weight loss or gain weekly, record your reps and run times.  Strive to be better then you were yesterday.   Continue to learn your own body and adapt accordingly. You can’t lose with that mindset.  With that said, don’t be pansies.  Let the people with better genetics be your motivation and work towards your potential.  Listen to their encouragement. If you do these things, I’m willing to bet that you can get to a level that you never knew you could.  Thanks for checking out my article(Comparing genetics in bodybuilding), and now that you have finished reading it…   GO START YOUR JOURNEY!!!  You can always find me on YouTube!          Take care everyone!

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