how to cut
28 Jul 2015

The Ultimate Cutting Guide

​     It is no surprise that when we create an energy deficit we not only lose fat but muscle and strength in the process. The greatest challenge to any strength and conditioned athlete is to lose body fat while preserving as much muscle and strength as possible. I have

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27 Jul 2015

Advanced Resistance Training Techniques

​     It is no surprise that the more you strength train the slower the growth will occur over time. It has happened to me and many other lifters I know. It is fairly common. But what if we can manipulate our body’s to grow even after the majority of

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Bodybuilding basics
12 May 2015

Bodybuilding Basics

​The Bodybuilder: overtly muscular and looked carved from stone these men and women work on building muscle mass, muscular symmetry and proportion, and have relatively low body fat. To achieve a truly aesthetic and almost superhuman look many advanced lifters take pro-hormones, steroids and supplements to achieve this, but do

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23 Mar 2015

Does Masturbation Lower Testosterone?

​     Don’t touch it too much or else you will go blind. I’m just kidding. If that was the case 99 percent of all people would be walking around aimlessly with canes and seeing eye dogs. Personally I would have lost my eyesight years ago. Maybe that is why

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Dan severn vs Mark Coleman
11 Mar 2015

Interview with Dan “The Beast” Severn

For the few of you who do not know, Dan Severn is a UFC hall of famer and professional wrestler. He has over 20 years of MMA under his belt, only participated in two training camps through his career and possesses one of the highest winning percentiles within the UFC.

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16 Feb 2015

Is That Fat Belly Robbing Your Manhood?

Men, regardless of gender equality, societal structure, and culture, the sexes are different for a reason. Women and men may contrast biologically but that’s because they both are designed to complement each other. Without this compatibility the continuation of human life on this planet would ceased to exist. No sex

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The Almighty push-up
08 Feb 2015

The Almighty Push-Up

Push–Ups and its variants are one of the most convenient, quick and effective exercises to perform. Push–Ups are great chest developers when there is not a bench press to be seen. The main muscles that these bad boys focus on in a compound movement is the pectoralis major (Chest), triceps

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06 Feb 2015

Steroids Running Through These Thick Veins

In every gym, athletic facility, and sports arena throughout the world there is at least one athlete probably partaking in a little well known activity called juicing. Because of the widespread use of steroids from the amateur bodybuilder to the professional baseball player, it is hard to imagine someone with

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03 Feb 2015

BCAA Supplements: Is It All Hype?

     If you Look at almost any ingredient label on the back of a supplement bottle it is not hard to find that it contains the words branch chain amino acids. Flip through a muscle or sports magazine and you can easily spot a fitness guru on the advertising

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Mr. Burns
16 Jan 2015

Science is Never Wrong!

     For every question which is pondered in sports and health science (as well as any other field) there seems to be some scientific evidence to help support it. Most people look towards these studies as “proof” since its attempt is to find a truth with the question at

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