Dumbbell Press
17 Aug 2015

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

​In my opinion, the worst part about working out is the muscle soreness and stiffness associated with it for a few days afterwards. The term that is used to describe these common aches and pains is called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS for short. The symptoms of DOMS can

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04 Aug 2015

Effective Resistance Training Programs

​     As you already know resistance training isn’t about throwing weight up aimlessly without a reason for doing so. We all have a purpose for training whether is to gain size, become as powerful as superman, or have the ability to physically continue for hours on end. This is

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p53 fighting cancer
24 Feb 2015


​What is p53? Despite what it may sound like, p53 is not the newest type of exercise system nor is it a secret underground facility funded by the government. It is a gene located on the 17th chromosome in the human body. Current research suggests that this p53 gene is

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