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I was always a big fan of fitness. I bought my first weight set when I was 13 years old and lifted religiously every day. I hardly knew what I was doing but I gave each workout everything I had. Even though I lifted weights daily, my diet was horrible. Foolishly I thought I could just exercise and not worry about what I was eating, but that didn’t work out so well. I was always overweight as a child but as I got into my teen years I became morbidly obese. Eventually I started fighting bouts of depression and slowly strength training, which was performed daily, became on and off. At the end High school I was fat, depressed and had very low confidence. Something a seventeen year old should not be feeling so early in life. Then something happened. I didn’t want to be obese anymore and started a diet. Unfortunately I did it all wrong. I would eat 1300 calories a day and disregarded all knowledge of nutrition. I though as long as the calories counted equaled to 1300 I would be in the clear. Boy was I wrong. Calorie counting and the need to lose weight became an obsession and highly ritualistic. Not only was the caloric intake way too low to begin with but I started running three miles a day. At first I was losing weight and feeling more energetic. For the first time in a long time I was very proud of myself. I was dropping two to three pounds a week. However, over time my body started feeling the effects of dieting wrong. I lost all the muscle I had and retained a fat belly. I was so weak it was difficult to even carry out even the simplest of chores. Fast forward to one year doing this and I went from a obese 235 pound man to 118 pounds of bones. During the process of getting down to an unhealthy weight I developed a mild form of bulimia. It wasn’t long after that my father asked if I would like to go to an outpatient center that dealt with eating disorders. I was the only guy in there getting treatment. All I could remember is that the young girls, around my age, had horrible teeth due to continuously throwing up. My stay was brief as I believed that I didn’t have problems like some of those girls. Never underestimate the power of denial. I convinced myself that I just didn’t have the nutritional know how to lose the weight correctly. It wasn’t long after that I started binging on everything. If I were to guess I probably ate close to 8,000 calories on binges! That is insane. Overtime the binging and mild forms of bulimia became less and less. I gained weight again but was not obese this time and it was stable. I stopped the running, strength training and just ate regular without thinking of weight. I eventually started lifting weights again until I injured myself. Like in the past I slipped back into a long depression for close to a year. This is where the vision of Bodyforward began.

After going to various doctors for my pain I realized these “professionals” don’t have all the answers. I was determined to fully fix myself or at least improve my problem. I started reading and studying the human body in detail; reading medical journals, peer reviewed research papers and books on health. The studying was maddening at 4 hours a day. I was determined to heal. Along the way I discovered how important nutrition is, not only for health but for healing as well. It took me a long time but my final conclusion was that I had a functional short leg caused by muscle imbalances. My treatment consisted of consistent exercise, real nutrition, and pain psychology. It took about a good six months before my back pain and functional short leg was non existent.

While I was researching exercise, nutrition and anatomy I realized that most information we hear on a day to day basis is either convoluted, misinterpreted or anecdotal at best. I began to get back on my feet bodybuilding and taking diet seriously, doing it the right way. I started to sort through information on strength training and nutrition the same way I did when I was fixing my health problem and came to the conclusion that the health and fitness industry is full of shit most of the time. It is a big billion dollar industry that tries to reinvent training systems, diet, and products to make the athlete bigger, stronger, and faster yet it is highly unnecessary. My goal for Bodyforward is to deliver you a no bullshit approach to strength training and conditioning that is straight and to the point. All the content I put on here is designed to make you a better athlete or fitness enthusiast by stripping away all the fillers within the industry and touching upon information that is easy to understand and proven to work.

Another aspect of strength training that seems to get overlooked is the ability to continue exercise for longevity. As I am close to getting out of my athletic “prime” I believe that the older we get as athletes the smarter and clever we must become so that we can be vibrant well into old age. I want to be able to have the same energy and strength when I get older. I always hear people saying “why exercise and eat right, you are just going to die anyway”? Death is inevitable but if we can become youthful in old age we have done our job. Not only will I gear Bodyforward to the aging busy athlete but for the younger athlete as well. Young athletes will eventually become old athletes. Young people having the knowledge to preserve the body and advance quickly early on in strength training will benefit them greatly for the years to come. Let’s evolve into a smarter, healthier and more resilient strength conditioned athlete.


I hope that by telling you the origins of BodyForward, you will be inspired to take control of your health and live the life you really deserve.